5 Reasons to go for yachting holiday in post Covid-19 world

5 Reasons to go for yachting holiday in post Covid-19 world

Coronavirus has ruined all our lovely plans that we had for 2020. But now when people have started living with Covid-19, the question that is bobbing around is undeniable. Should you go for a holiday with all the risk that is lurking around?

After the dreadful times of the pandemic, you deserve a holiday. There is no doubt about that. Isn’t it true? However, you should be incredibly careful while choosing from the alternatives that you have got. One option that you can go for is a perfect holiday on a yacht with your family and friends. Exclusive Gulets offer unique yachting holiday experiences that is hard to resist.

The fact that onboard a private yacht, you would be with your family, friends only, makes it safe for your dear ones. As compared to a typical holiday in a hotel, a private yacht offers you an isolated, safer environment. Let’s discuss some of the benefits that you can enjoy by choosing to sail with Exclusive Gulets. 

Away from the crowd

With more strangers around, the risk of getting infected increases. A yacht can take you away from the crowd to reduce the risk of covid-19. The whole concept of yachting is based on social distancing. You can swim with dolphins and roam on the isolated islands with a private yacht.

Holidays are all about happiness shared with friends and family. Therefore taking an extra step to ensure their safety is more important than anything else. Enjoy a perfect holiday without thinking about crazy level precautions against coronavirus. What is worse than a holiday that is planned with the fear of getting sick?

It’s all about family

Foundation of a perfect holiday is based on the enhancement of family bonding. A yachting holiday offers you an ideal environment to strengthen the knots of relationships. A charter offers you moments of sharing with your dear ones. Children can play in a safer environment and learn sailing. The whole family can go snorkelling to spice up the holiday. 

Unmatched experience

The most important benefit of a charter holiday is the zero compromise on experience. Enjoy superior quality service and lavish dinner with no shortcuts. Our charter package will offer you a great dining experience that you can enjoy on your private superyacht.

The list of services that we offer is huge. We guarantee that you will be delighted by all the services that you will receive while onboard.

It doesn’t have to be expensive

Our focus is on delivering you superior quality services that are incredibly safe. Our yachting holiday packages are of the total value for money and customised according to your need. The idea of holidays is to enjoy a safer environment that is also suitable for most budgets. Moreover, a private charter hired for large groups can be surprisingly affordable as you will pay for the whole yacht and not per person. Explore exciting packages that suit your budget.

You Deserve Happiness Not Fear

The fear of getting infected while on holiday is like a nightmare. A charter offers you a safer environment that encourages happiness. A regular hotel or resort can assure you of safety. However, deep down in your mind, you also know that it is not 100% safe to stay in a hotel that is hosting many guests. 

You deserve a holiday that is enriched with happiness, and we are here to deliver that. Check out all the packages that we offer to ensure a safer holiday for you and your family. We guarantee regular health checkup of all our staff and well-sanitised space. Bring onboard your family and enjoy a superior holiday experience with Exclusive Gulets.

23 / 03 / 2023

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