Sporades Islands Greece

Sporades Islands Greece

A marvelous experience of gorgeous beaches and irresistible eye-catching natural beauty.

Embrace the extraordinary feeling Sporades Islands brings.

The Sporades islands are almost in the center of the Aegean Sea. An exotic fusion of turquoise and crystalline waters and the blue skies refreshing views makes the Sporades most perfect for a sun-kissed vacation. The islands of Sporades are quieter than some of the Greek islands yet it offers an exciting nightlife and a place where visitors spend their most memorable time in life.
Discover the wonder of mountainous terrain life and lush vegetation the Sporades has. The islands of Sporades encompasses translucent water that is perfect for cruising and rich in marine life with opportunities for watching whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles. Surround oneself with the calm, peace, serenity nature ambiance and enjoyment, thrilling, exhilarating entertaining activities on the island.

Sporades, a heaven on earth. Their islands are so beautiful that I cannot describe their beauty by words.

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The Sporades has 11 islands but only four are inhabited having a charming town and clear blue waters to indulge in namely the cosmopolitan Skiathos, a family atmosphere with gorgeous beaches of Skopelos and Alonissos, and lastly, the least known but equally beautiful island of Skyros. These islands will give you an unforgettable experience on your sailing vacation. 


Skiathos is the home to over 60 astonishing beaches which is the best island to put down the anchors with. It is a small island but it captures a thousand visitor’s attention every summer. On this island, the crazy nightlife shouldn’t be missed. Skiathos Greece is also a paradise for nature lovers boasting its beautiful-packed pine trees and natural landscape. Skiathos will entice you with its lively atmosphere!


Skopelos beaches are very unique, it has crystal clear water. Lazing under the sun are some of the best things to do during holiday vacations. Skopelos is a wonderful island that stands out for its tumbling hills and dense forestation, lush vegetation, and picturesque villages. Also, villages boast an extraordinary traditional architecture that makes them incredibly photogenic. The island oozes romance with copious chapels and churches making the place a perfect picture spot.


Alonissis is the least populated in the islands of Sporades. This island is also arguably one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Brimmed with marine life and outstanding bays the wonderful coastline of Alonissos is ripe for exploration. Known for its natural beauty and amazing beaches, this lovely island characterizes the green forests, orchards, and meadows. The island is a laid-back island, ideal for relaxing holidays. It manages to keep its peaceful charm even during the high season.


Skyros is an island with a unique character and tradition. A drive around the island will get you to many hidden beaches with fewer facilities and a relaxing atmosphere. Skyros beaches are beautiful and secluded, so they’re ideal for those who seek privacy which means it is a heavenly destination for those who love seclusion and relaxation. Captivating beaches, traditional architecture, and beautiful hiking trails, Skyros boasts its unique beauty.

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