Emerald Coast Italy

Emerald Coast Italy

Upscale the natural beauty of the Deluxe Island Duo: Corsica and Sardinia

Start sailing with some of the refreshing nautical oceans and relaxing cruising adventure in Italy.

Delight yourself in an enchanting features that Corsica and Sardinia brings. Lying the wonderful coast and unbelievable beauty of beaches and shores.
Beneath across the cruising experience lies the 7 a must-see attractions spots destinations.

The Sardinia-Corsica sailing trip was great and perfect for those who want a very different travel experience. By immersing yourself in the experience and giving everything a go will greatly add to your enjoyment. It's a very different way of seeing this part of the word and the scenery from the water is stunning. You get to go to those islands and beaches that are only accessible by sea and, best of all, you get to stay overnight when all the crowds have gone.

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You cannot say you know Sardinia if you do not experience symbiosis with its sea. You can do it with water sports, by taking relaxing walks along the shore, being cradled by the waves, getting benefits from its sun and scuba diving where the blue is deepest. Dives that you will never be able to forget.

So many corners of paradise, which are wild and difficult to reach, and cannot be classified, not because of their limitless beauty, but literally because they cannot ensure, because of their very nature, the requirements and services asked for by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Sardinia's blue flag beaches make it unmistakeably, undeniably, the island of fabulously clean and crystal-clear seas and put it right at the top of everybody's summer holiday options. But it also pays attention above all to sustainability and environmental protection, services and safety, education and information on respecting coasts which are unpolluted for long sections. The recognition given by the FEE, which comes after a very strictly controlled selection process, has been awarded to 38 Sardinian beaches, located across fourteen municipalities. In the last years there are three new entries: Sant'Antioco, with the beautiful beach of Maladroxia, Bari Sardo, with the Bucca ‘e Strumpu and the celebrated Torre di Barì, and Trinità d’Agultu with La Marinedda and the Lunga beach, both of them pearls of the seaside village of Isola Rossa.

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