Yoga On A Yacht

Yoga On A Yacht

Put your mind at ease with a private yoga session on your yacht charter.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go on a wellness vacation that combined the body’s and ocean’s healing powers?


We help our guests find their peace on the water with our yoga cruises! Here are just three reasons why going on a yoga private yacht charter for your next vacation can help you achieve the serenity your body craves.


Get centered

Yoga is a centuries-old form of exercise that can improve both your physical and emotional health. The series of motions not only help you regain balance and refocus your thoughts, they also help you build strength and flexibility in your body.


Yoga has so many health benefits, including minimizing inflammation in your body and boosting the health of your heart. It’s the ideal healing practice for calming your mind as you inhale the calm and exhale the stress and worry.


Health and wellbeing of the mind

The ocean is an excellent source of relaxation. In his best-selling book, Blue Mind, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, explains that being around water can make you happier, healthier, and more connected.


People have been drawn to water for as long as they can remember, and for good reason. The sound and sight of the water strengthens the brain. Blue Mind is a term for water-related tranquility, a somewhat contemplative state characterized by calm, peace, and a general sense of happiness.


Did you know that sea air helps you absorb oxygen more quickly? The invigorating effects of breathing in the salt-rich ocean air will leave you feeling energized while balancing your serotonin levels – a body chemic connected to mood and stress – in the same breath


Therapeutic treatment

Water is revered as the elixir of life. Water not only makes up 70% of the earth’s surface, but it almost makes up 70% of our bodies. As a result, our bonds to water have a deep biological connection that prompts an immediate reaction in our brain when we’re near water.


The frequency of our brain waves alters just by looking at water. Did we mention that positive ions in the sea breeze which can also help to lift one’s spirits?


Water therapy, also known as surf therapy, uses the ocean environment to assist people manage with mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. Immersion in water causes a natural dopamine high in the body. (Dopamine is the feel-good hormone released in the brain when the body experiences intense feelings of pleasure.) So, it’s not surprising the therapeutic treatment that seawater can have on the emotional center of the brain in creating sensations of peace and rejuvenation


The best of both worlds

Just imagine the pleasure you’ll get from blending the thrill of the water with the soothing benefits of yoga on a private yacht cruise.


The breathtaking seascapes of Turkey, Croatia, Greece, France, and Italy are yours for the taking on a yacht charter. Each of these incredible destinations offer culinary delights, remote bays, and long-standing traditions that give visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss.


There will be no shortage of ocean therapy between your yoga sessions and refreshing water activities. You could also fit in a little meditation on a shaded beach!


Chat to us today and in no time we will have you zen’d out on the most relaxing yacht charter designed to reignite your senses.

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